Wild Side

Dishing up a double scoop of nice cream

The Twins really are twins. Their names are X, wearing the pink top, and Sam.

X is the oldest by one hour. They are not exactly identical, but when they are wearing the same makeup, especially around the eyes, it can be difficult to tell them apart until you really get to know them.

The Twins are both beauticians, and they also hang around together: in fact, they are almost inseparable. Watching the two of them it is hard to believe they are not really genetic girls, because they are totally feminine and they do all the things that sisters are supposed to do. It would have been fascinating to watch them growing up.

These are not the only ladyboys in this family. They have an elder "sister" whose nickname is P, short for "phi", the Thai word for elder. Whether this is a genetic trait I simply don't know. I asked the Twins but they couldn't really explain, and didn't really see much point in talking about it.

This tends to be the Thai way. Once something is done it is done, and accepted, and they no longer question it.

Although ladyboy siblings are not really commonplace, they are not a rarity either. I know of several other cases of two ladyboys in one family.

The most remarkable instance that I know of though is a ladyboy family: the father is a ladyboy and so are two of the offspring. The mother (a genetic girl!) passed away when the youngest was a baby. The family has formed a small touring cabaret show that plays at venues such as temple fairs in the Bangkok suburbs, and the baby of the family has become something of a star.

This whole subject cries out for some scholarly research, but as little serious work has been carried out on the ladyboy phenomenon I can't see it happening.

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